The Undertaker discusses his favorite bands and who he thinks is the most metal wrestler of all

In a recent Loudwire interview, WWE legend The Undertaker, discussed some of the highlights of his unparalleled career in the squared circle. The subject of an ongoing 5-part documentary-series, The Last Ride, Taker's generational tenure is explored with archival footage and in-depth testimonials. Among the contemporaries that provide some insight include the likes of Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley, The Edge, and Ric Flair to name a few.

While discussing his potential retirement and reflecting on his career thus far, Undertaker also provided some details about the kind music that helps fuel the fire. Among the required listening, Taker cited bands like Metallica, Rage Against the Machine, Ozzy, and Guns N Roses in the regular rotation. He also specified Johnny Cash's "The Man Comes Around" as a song that is particularly motivating.

When asked who he thought was the most "metal" wrestler of all-time, Taker had a quick response.

"You know what? I’m gonna go with… which a lot of people probably don’t get… but I’m gonna go with Triple H. Especially now that he’s Mr. Corporate and all that, you kind of lose that, but he’s a big metalhead.

Funny enough, we’d always talk a little bit about music. He’d always have really good stories about Lemmy that I’d just laugh at. We’ve been friends for a long time, we’ve had lots of discussions about ring music and entrances and things of that nature. When it comes to metal, he’s definitely my go-to guy."

Read the complete interview via LOUDWIRE here.