Heavy music and extreme wrestling converge via Circle 6

With the gritty backdrop of Los Angeles' Skid Row just steps away, underground wrestling renegades Circle 6 launched the first of their SVN (Seven) series of 2023 -- a stacked a fight card of consisting of primarily death matches.

With bouts that tout and added element of extreme violence with special stipulations like the "Prison Riot Match", the "Ultraviolet Doors Match" and the "Terracotta Torture Match", wrestlers used barbed ware, cinder blocks, and sharp, shiv-like objects to inflict the maximum amount of damage on their opposition in (and outside) of the square circle.

Photo by Sri Sherrell

In addition to the requisite arsenal of underground wrestling weaponry ranging from ladders, chairs and literally hundreds of flourescent tube lights, the five match bill resulted in a complete melee that lay waste to the Downtown venue, 1720.

With each match, the level of intensity ratcheted, resulting in the kind of violence that would make even the most seasoned underground wrestling fans squeamish. As bodies flung off of the venue's rafters, smashed through doors fashioned with grids of tube lights and lay battered and bloodied across ladders, tables and metal barricades, the DIY ethos of underground wrestling, combined with a crowd thirsty for mayhem, made for a compelling live experience.

Photo by Sri Sherrell

In between bouts, SVN offered some added star power with a very special DJ who would be on-hand to provide the soundtrack for the night. Danny Lohner of Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle and Marilyn Manson to name just a few, curated the music for the night, ensuring the energy in the room never saw a dip.

With the House blaring classics from Pantera and Corrosion of Conformity between bouts, SVN also featured a live performance from Housecore Records prospects Spirit In the Room for a performance that punctuated an evening of extreme entertainment.

Photo by Sri Sherrell

Between the banner's SVN deathmatch series, Barroom Blitz small-room/outside-the-ring slobberknockers and their flagship wrestling cards, Circle 6 is embracing the extreme of music and professional wrestling in a way that taps into the thrill of danger. With cards set for Los Angeles, Houston and Cleveland, the collision of heavy music and human carnage is resonating with fans that appreciate the spectacle and revel in the debauchery that comes with spilled blood, broken glass and no ring wrestling.

Circle 6 will return to their homebase of Knucklehead Hollywood for their next edition of their Barroom Blitz series. Featuring a stacked card that will go toe-to-toe in a bar -- not a ring -- the card will also include volatile live sets from hardcore death metal collective Deadbody and SFV death dealers, Upon Stone. Get the full details and a current schedule of all things Circle 6 - HERE