Nuclear Blast Records Supercross team veteran goes 3 for 3 and climbs in championship standings with the Yahama Team now focused on Atlanta

After over a week in Arlington, Texas, the Nuclear Blast backed pro supercross team climbed the championship standings in the 250W class as team veteran Robbie Wageman qualified for all three main events going 16-14-16. Hardy Muñoz made his second main event of the year to grab 20th and now sits in 25th overall in the standings.

Photos by Travis Fant

A different kind of PIT…TEXAS VACATION

12,240! That’s how many minutes we spent in Texas for the little over week-long (three rounds) residency at AT&T Stadium. It seems like a lot, but like most bands that have gone on tour…we were saved by the amount of stuff around the venue including a Wal-Mart across the street and a Buffalo Wild Wings just minutes away where we ate at enough to memorize the menu and get to know the staff on a first name basis.

It honestly was a great trip, the Wal-Mart made the drink runs easy and no one really bothered us so we were able to drive the golf cart around to most places near the stadium. The racing was good, both for the team and also the series it self…we had a mixture of fast tracks, but also a really technical track our last night there so that was great for fans and everyone watching from home. It still is very weird being in football stadiums with 25% capacity, but the fans that did came out weren’t playing around and it was great to see so many people get out and have some fun.

Photos by Travis Fant

One of the biggest challenges of COVID is the lack of activity in the pits on race day, the usual 15k-30k fans that would come by through out the day has now literally been restricted to hundreds. Why is that a bummer for us? The ‘day of’ festivities is literally titled “Party in the Pits” and that’s what it used to be. We’d have the TV going with our favorite Nuclear Blast music videos, fans could come through and see the bikes, tour the semi, and check out all we had to offer from team partners in our activation area. It wasn’t just about the party feel; it was how we directly reached the fans on a weekly basis and one of the ways we gave our sponsors a return. So this year we’ve put together cool little goodie bags that are filled with stuff from our sponsors and have been dropping by local dealers on days off to give out. It’s a cool way to get people into supporting their local dealers, but also hook them up like they still got to come hang out on race day in the pits. So if you want us to hit your local dealer, tell them to tag us on any social media platform (@teamsolitaireSX).

Photos by Travis Fant

When we weren’t doing dealer drops or eating wings, we were busy changing the bikes and gear over between rounds. For the first round, we ran a bold pink, yellow, and purple with bones pattern combo from our gear partner, LEATT…so we had Throttle Syndicate do a matching bike. It went over very well with everyone. But the one I was most excited about was an all black bike with our SUPPORT LOCAL DEATH METAL logo on it. It was ran for a few reasons, first…we all love death metal and secondly it was to kick off our team merchandise where the SUPPORT LOCAL DEATH METAL is available now (link in our social media bios).

Now the focus turns to Atlanta for the next run of events, where I am stoked to announce we will be doing a SLAYER tribute round. Like in year’s past…we’ve planned gear, bikes, helmets, and more all to pay homage to one of the most influence bands love around the world.

Photos by Travis Fant

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