Knotfest Beer Pit Live Tasting Sessions: Singlecut Beersmith's '200 Watt' Triple IPA

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Singlecut Beersmith's '200 Watt' Triple IPA is in the Knotfest Beer Pit Mashers Box also featuring Brewdog + Lamb of God's collab non-alcoholic IPA: Ghost Walker, CosmicEye Brewing x Spotlights: The Beauty of Forgetting IPA, Soundgrowler Brewing x Acid King: Busse Pilsner, plus a bottle of Robinsons Brewery x Iron Maiden's Trooper Fear of the Dark Stout. -

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The latest box features Wayfinder's Red Fang Malt Liquor, Alosta Brewing Good Friends and a Bottle of Pils, Broken Goblet Brewing's A Little More in The Monitors Kolsch & Metal Monkey Brewing's Ghuleh IPA.