Fit for a King 'The Path'

Fit for a King's 'The Path' is the sixth from the band and arguably, their most ambitious collection of songs to date.

“In the past, we have dove into some pretty dark areas of life, with Dark Skies being the pinnacle of hopelessness,” explains frontman Ryan Kirby of the record. “With ‘The Path’ we find our way out, and claim victory over the demons we have faced and are currently facing. This album is made to be the soundtrack for your victory over what mentally, and physically holds us back.”

Kirby also recently chatted with Knotfest's Beez on Mosh Talks.

The optimistic tone of the album seems especially necessary during such uncertain times. Doubling down on that kind of fan-friendly outreach. The band recently did a free streaming event giving the FFAK-faithful a chance to experience the record first-hand.

Listen to the full album now -