Josh Middleton (Sylosis/Architects) & Craig Reynolds Talk All Things Metallica on The Downbeat

Another episode of The Downbeat is now available. For this round, Craig Reynolds checks in with Josh Middleton of Sylosis and Architects. The casual candor of these conversations actually started with a bit of an itinerary this time. Reynolds begins this episode by articulating how the current Coronavirus situation has him particularly bummed out. He explains that during his last podcast he didn't feel like himself and that it was him, "just talking for two hours about how fucked everything is."

In an effort to add some levity into the world, Reynolds had the idea to devote the entirety of this episode to exploring a mutual admiration for all things Metallica. Naturally, other names began to creep into the discussion including Pantera and Cannibal Corpse, but things got really interesting with parallels began being drawn between the Batman movies and the Metallica catalog.

Listen to the complete episode of The Downbeat here.