Shaun Morgan of Seether on the 20th Anniversary of Disclaimer and more on the latest Talk Toomey podcast

Shaun and Joshua start the chat with Shaun's move to Nashville and sitting in on writing sessions, neighbors giving up the dream and his confidence writing with others. Shaun dives into being the one touring musician in the neighborhood and having a tour bus show up to start a tour. He talks the best part of a cul-de-sac chili cookoff (spolier: jello shots), opens up about just wanting to be regular guy Shaun and not be the guy from Seether all the time, and goes into moving onto a farm and wanting his kids to grow up with animals and having fresh veggies and eggs.

Shaun discusses the future of touring and wanting to focus more on family, breaks down how tough it is on his wife and gets deep on the demands with the kids. He is also getting the itch to write new music after a few years of not being in the writing headspace. Joshua and Shaun look back on the early days of Seether and the bands that Seether toured with on the Disclaimer cycle. The guys talk tour stories and sleeping in terrible places, as well as dealing with kids and social media, and address the question 'How much is too much money?'

Shaun then looks back at the Disclaimer album covers and how the first thing he did was change the cover. The guys end the talk with some discussion about the live show that was included in the reissue.