Alan Robert of Life of Agony talks 30 years of River Runs Red and more on the latest Talk Toomey Podcast

Alan dives into the first show of the tour really setting the bar, how much River Runs Red means to the fans and everyone in the crowd, and he looks back on touring with KMFDM, Carcass, Ozzy and Obituary. The guys look back on the Ozzfest '98 lineup and how those side stage bands took over.

Alan talks about his history with CBGBs and L'Amour. The guys speak on Alan having to revisit the lyrical content on River Runs Red, as well as talk about his new adult coloring book, Beauty of Horror 6: Famous Monsterpieces. Laundry Days on tour are all the rage, and the differences between touring today and touring in the 90s is debated. Alan finishes with his thoughts on fans getting LOA tattoos.