Hayley Williams’ Good Dye Young Brand Announces Metalheads Line With A Turnstile-Soundtracked Commercial

Co-founded by pop punk icon Hayley Williams, Good Dye Young provides funky hair colors with a rock ’n roll ethos. In a new commercial for the brand’s “Metalheads” line, the Paramore frontwoman makes a special appearance to the tune of Turnstile’s “Holiday.”


"Heavy is the head that bangs. Metal music and the lifestyle within it is nothing less than a culture fueled by raw emotion and self expression,” a product description reads. “The core of the community is all backgrounds, all ages, all races connecting and rebelling. If hair dye is seen as a form of rebellion and standing out of the crowd then nothing is more metal than dyeing your hair.”

Known for the bold yellow, orange, and red tresses that she rocked in the video for nouveau classic “Misery Business,” Williams knows hair color. Good Dye Young was founded by Williams and hairstylist and makeup artist Brian O’Connor as a way of promoting self expression with vegan and cruelty free ingredients. To ensure that hair has plenty of future coloring potential, Metalheads promotes hair health by using bergamot essential oil and sunflower extract. The semi-permanent line has offerings in copper, silver, gold, gunmetal, and red, although they have much jazzier metal namesakes, such as “Du Hast” and “Killswitch.”

Directed by award-winning Asian American artist Christina Xing, the commercial showcases the vibrancy and movement of each shade. In a true love letter to the underground, Donna Missal, Fabi Reyna of Savila and Reyna Tropical, Lani Ranaldo, Stevis Harrison of Fever 333, and Dani Miller of Surfbort make up a band that’s leading a spirited basement show. While fantasy hair colors have become increasingly mainstream, their roots in outsider art remain.

In addition to her business venture, Williams remains in touch with music. She released her second solo album Flowers for Vases / Descansos in February, which features her biting single “My Limb.”

Good Dye Young’s Metalheads line is currently available on the brand’s website for $18 per shade: https://gooddyeyoung.com/