Cancer Christ deliver reptilian-occult revelry; Equal parts salvation and spectacle

The edict for LA's Cancer Christ is simple - the wrath of Christ is merciless and the agenda of Satan will be met with violent, unflinching opposition.

Sarcastic slant aside, the band's tongue-in-cheek zealotry, combined with their Illuminati-esque aesthetic make a live set that has become the stuff of underground gospel. Resonating with a passionate fanbase, eager to join at the altar, Cancer Christ craft wildly chaotic punk tunes take the reverence of religion and douse it in blood and beer.

Taking to the stage at The Echoplex for the Slutty Valentine festivities, vocalist Anthony Mehlhaff took to his pulpit to sermonize the faithful, manifesting hellfire and brimstone from a different perspective - one that takes into account Christ's appetite for vengeance over Satan's lure of eternal damnation.

In a set that touted blood, violence and burning bibles, Mehlhaff and his serpentine cohorts offered testament in the form of selections like "Baptized in Piss and Shit", "Prosperity Preacher" and "The Blood of Jesus". It was exaltation to the extreme - a boldly blasphemous shitshow that underscores why Cancer Christ are quickly becoming such a sensation.

Check the comprehensive photo gallery from photographer Maurice Nunez below.