OT9 Vault: Artist Highlight // #DTIYS Iowa Challenge Winner

The OT9 team personally reviewed all of the artwork the OT9 family worked so hard to create for the #DTIYS Iowa Challenge.

After careful consideration and taking the number of votes that each individual piece received from members of the fan community online, we are pleased to announce the name of our winner for the IOWA Goat #DTIYS Challenge:


Meet Camilo Silva of Santiago, Chile, and winner of our special OT9 Artist Highlight.

In October, Camilo won the Iowa Goat #DTIYS Challenge and he spoke with OT9 about his experience and how his piece came to be.

"I decided to participate in this project, given that I consider myself an admirer of Slipknot and in turn dreamed of being a recognized fan following my favorite band. Besides the art I made, I was inspired by the iconic songs on the album. The music of IOWA influenced this design, as the album's themes energize me and motivate me to do artwork like the one I designed. I have been passionate about Slipknot since 2018 and the band is made up of very welcoming people, where each one represents with their clothes their very own style and at the same time with their masks they reflect the iconic seal of the band, as well as the work that they put on each album. I am grateful to you for choosing me in this great challenge as an artist - I am very proud."

Make sure to check out all the amazing artwork submitted by the OT9 family.