The brutalizing track is the second serving from the band’s forthcoming full length, ‘Godlike’.

Earlier this spring, Australian death metal lifers Thy Art Is Murder announced their sixth full length studio effort, Godlike.

Setting a September 15th release date, the extreme music veterans again teamed with longtime producer and frequent collaborator Will Putney to curate a 10-track effort that explores the boundaries of outsider art bolstered by superior songwriting and unrelenting intensity.

The album also marks the band’s very first independently released project, arriving via the band’s own label, Human Warfare. Along with the announcement of the release, Thy Art Is Murder unloaded a mammoth introduction with the apocalyptic A-Bomb of a lead single, “Join Me In Armageddon“.

En route to the September 15th arrival of the album, Thy Art Is Murder have unleashed a second onslaught with arguably the band’s most authoritative show of force to date with “Keres”. Packaged with a equally ominous, cinematic visual, the second single underscores the continued dominance of the Aussie aggressors.

Guitarist Andy Marsh detailed the thematic inspiration of the single and reiterated the excitement in revealing the band’s next level of unmatched musicality.

“It’s not often we have this level of excitement to present a new single to the world,” Marsh said. “‘Keres’ is a metal anthem filled with grinding verses and stomping choruses, stripping down some of the complexity that may have gotten in the way of previous attempts to deliver a song of this magnitude. The Keres was an evil sprite in ancient Greek mythology that would feed on the dead, but could not participate in acts of violence. We think this behavior is as relevant in the arena of news and politics as it was on those ancient battlefields.” 

The sixth full length album from Thy Art Is Murder, Godlike, lands September 15th via Human Warfare. The tracklist and bold artwork can be found below.

Pre-orders are currently available – HERE

“Destroyer of Dreams”
“Blood Throne”
Join Me In Armageddon
“Everything Unwanted”
“Lesson in Pain”