Frontman Rick Giordano explains how the haunting imagery and musical diversity of the album work as an aggregate of his influences.

St. Louis horror metal masterminds The Lion’s Daughter have announced their latest opus, Bath House, which will hit the shelves in the midst of spooky season on October 13th. The group is known for their simultaneously disturbing and eclectic sound and the album promises to be their most unique endeavor to date. Pre-orders are available HERE.

“Saying that this album was influenced by everything-that-I’ve-ever-liked-ever isn’t a very good answer, but it’s an accurate one,” explains frontman Rick Giordano on the band’s unique sound. “I turned the left side of my brain off completely and let a lifetime of soaking up great art just come to the surface naturally. There are bits of all the things I love in there… from old Metallica to film scores to industrial and whatever else, but I think these things have melded together in a way that is cohesive and not just nonsensical genre-hopping. There are clean vocals and guitar solos, a lot of things that we’ve never tried before. It really feels like you uploaded my entire record collection to a hard drive and had an AI create an album based on that.”
As the band continues to expand their sound, they have also expanded their lineup to a quartet with the addition of Aaron Akin on guitar. “Aaron was the guitarist and vocalist of a band called Black Fast. They were hands down the best metal band to come out of St. Louis in decades. Once they disbanded, it was a no-brainer to try and get the guy who fronted my favorite local band to be in my band. Why wouldn’t I? Plus, as anyone who knows Aaron will tell you, he’s an all around great guy,” explains Giordano on how this new union came about.
And as a new union has been formed, former binds have been severed as The Lion’s Daughter is no longer tied to a label, doing this record fully independently for the first time in its career and taking full and total control. “It’s just nice to have 100% control over everything again,” Giordano says of the band’s new freedom. “That was the whole intention when we started this band years ago. We lost sight of that for a while. No disrespect intended towards anyone, but this band has always been pretty anti-music industry and anti-bullshit.”
The band has also revealed the title track, along with a highly cinematic and engaging video. The video is delightfully horrific as the characters are forced into more deeply disturbing circumstances.
To celebrate the release the band will have a special Friday the 13th album release party in their hometown of St. Louis, MO. Then, the band will hit Black Circle Brewing in Indianapolis, IN on 11/11 for another bash!
Bath House is due out October 13th. Pre-orders are available HERE.
Bath House Tracklist:
  1. Bath House
  2. Maximize Terror 
  3. Your Pets Died on TV 
  4. Liminal Blue 
  5. Rerouted 
  6. 12-31-89 
  7. Crawler Night 
  8. She Does Not Exist 
  9. End Credits
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