The voice of the Santa Cruz standouts takes aim at the cynics who have dismissed the band as an “industry plant”.

On August 5th, Scowl closed out Taco Bell’s Feed The Beat: Unofficial Halftime Shows – coinciding with FIFA’s Women’s World Cup. The series showcased performances from the likes of MUNA and Claire Rosinkranz as part of the company’s Feed the Beat initiative which began in 2006 to support and spotlight emerging musical talent.
The level up for Scowl marked another important victory as Scowl continues to ascend, serving as ambassadors of hardcore that have seen crossover success. The announcement also precedes their extensive fall headlining tour in support of their recently released Flatspot Records EP, Psychic Dance Routine.
However, as the band continues to tally W’s en route to becoming a household name, the dreaded comments section always has a way being a buzzkill. Today, August 8th, vocalist Kat Moss published a fiery response to the cynics that have opted to dismiss the band’s strides as part of an industry effort, insinuating that Scowl are music industry plants with an unearned competitive edge.
Shitty as it may be to even have to address such nonsense, Moss articulated her frustration in being mislabeled and having her band’s successes dismissed as anything other than hard-earned and well-deserved. She addressed the haters, the double standards and the circled back to the best parts of the hardcore community that are supportive.
Reiterating her distain with being called an “industry plant” Moss went onto the explain the double standard that is far to prevalent in her circles. “Our friends bands-bands commonly full of men, will sign brand deals, have a song in a commercial, get a co-sign from massively successful musicians, etc… yet I never read whisperings of whether or not they deserve those successes, whether or not they are valid enough, GOOD enough, or worked hard enough to be deserving of that success. Is our success never valid enough for you? Why is this competition created between us and our community, specifically femme-bodied individuals?”
Moss continued, “Is it so hard to believe that a woman-led band can be a hardworking and organic success?
Is it so challenging to grasp a woman’s success that you have to create a fantasy that the music industry had a hand it? An extremely male dominated music industry by the way…”
While Moss was venomous in her admonishment of the naysayers, she also took the opportunity to offer high praise of the people in her community that have reaffirmed her continued efforts. “I would be nowhere without the countless BIPOC/trans/femme gender nonconforming individuals that I’ve shared the stage with and have had meaningful conversations & relationships with.
I’m so grateful to music for giving me the opportunity to form those connections. You have all collectively inspired me to never ever give up!”
True to the band’s established track record of relentless touring, Scowl is set to begin an extensive 34-date trek in September. Joining the tour, Scowl will be flanked by Militarie Gun, MSPAINT and Big Laugh on select dates. A complete list of dates can be found below.