The horror-inspired outfit channel B-movie, Midnight cinema for their latest visual.

Emerging Los Angeles post punk collective Provoker have debuted a concise, albeit effective 2-minute jaunt with the reveal of “Debt Collector. The latest offering follows the band’s established M.O. of modernized post-punk, joining the likes of Molchat Doma and Twin Tribes in the resurgence of the sound.

Given the band was inspired from the very beginning by their shared love for obscure horror and late night cinematic noir, there is a heavy emphasis on the visual element of Provoker. That is especially evident given the scope of “Debt Collector”.
Enlisting director Gustav Stegfors (Drain Gang, Yung Lean, Nike), the band source Slakthuset, a former slaughterhouse as the backdrop for a foreboding tale of a relentless repo man intent on collecting what is owed. Provoker vocalist Christian Crow Petty assumes the role, executing his role with all the luster of a B-movie star.
The arrival of “Debt Collector” follows Provoker’s succession of impactful releases, including their 2018 EP, Dark Angel and the 2021 full length, Body Jumper. The latest offering arrives via YEAR0001 and suggests the band is set to resume their run given such a promising precursor.
Stay tuned.