The track serves as the first delivery of new music since 2018’s ‘ From The Gallery Of Sleep’.

It has been five long years since the SoCal collective Night Verses went into hibernation following the celebrated release of their last lauded full length, From The Gallery Of Sleep. In the years since, the trio of Aric Improta, Nick DePirro and Reilly Herrera have all gone on to tally important career victories away from Night Verses, all while marinating on ideas that would eventually bring the creative unit back together – when the time was right.

Emphasizing a quality over quantity approach in their craft, the band might have took an extended duration of time away from the limelight – but their reemergence has proven it was for good reason. “Arrival” serves as Night Verses first release of material since 2018 and instantly re-establishes the band as one of the most rightfully revered among progressive metal.

The band offered some insight into their creative headspace and how the single is intended to affect a greater sensory experience well beyond a good listen. “When writing this song, we kept referencing how it reminded us of our drives together through the desert. The song was a result of us finding a way to transfer that same pairing of physical, visual and sonic experience to the listener.

In general, we wanted to create a more participatory experience – one where the listener can connect with the composition in the right environment, while at the same time discovering what the piece means to them personally.”

“Arrival” restores Night Verses at the very top of the progressive heap and offers an auspicious indication of they musical mastery to come. The track is currently available via Equal Vision Records.