The passion project with Atlanta-based composer/filmmaker, Chris Hunt makes an eerie introduction with the track, “Hologram” featuring Rizz of VOWWS.

Last month, Venera, a new, experimental project from James Shaffer of Korn and composer/filmmaker, Chris Hunt debuted their first offering with the ominous composition, “Swarm”. With no fanfare and zero explanation, the duo dropped a foreboding visual that embraced a stylishly dark, sci-fi slant, crafting a soundscape that captured an intensity that resonated as… interstellar.

Now, the tandem of Hunt and Shaffer have officially introduced their creative endeavor in Venera, debuting a follow-up track in “Hologram”. The cut enlists Rizz of VOWWS submitting both vocals and piano on the single.

Sharing a statement regarding the release, both Hunt and Shaffer explained, “’Hologram’ emerged quickly from our first session together. A nearly unchanging drum machine pattern nested in warbling guitars. We don’t interact much with holograms but they seem to offer an image of an alluring emptiness and light, which resonates well with the universe we are driven to explore.”

The single ushers in a new era for the duo, officially beginning the march towards the October 13th release of their first full length, self-titled release via Ipecac Recordings. The self-produced effort features the lieks of Deantoni Parks (Mars Volta, John Cale) contributing drums on “Erosion” and “Disintegration,” HEALTH’s Jacob Duzsik contributing vocals on “Ochre” and Alain Johannes adding vocals to“Triangle.”

Venera, will be available in both digital and physical formats including a vinyl release in limited-edition red, snowy white and skull gold variants. Album pre-orders are currently available – HERE

Venera tracklist

1.    Alignment

2.    Erosion (ft. Deantoni Parks)

3.    Ochre (ft. HEALTH)

4.    Swarm

5.    Disintegration (ft. Deantoni Parks)

6.    Hologram (ft. VOWWS)

7.    Surrender

8.    Triangle (ft. Alain Johannes)

9.    Helium