The track marks the third preview of the Arthur Rizk-produced ‘Mourning Moon’.

Set to make their Relapse Records debut next month, Boston’s Final Gasp continue to substantiate their hype with the latest preview of their Arthur Rizk-produced full length, Mourning Moon. Showcasing their competent meld of post punk sensibility with metallic execution, track like “Climax Infinity” and the album’s title track underscore songwriting prowess well beyond their years, asserting a style that both timeless and contemporary simultaneously.

For the band’s latest glimpse, “Blood and Sulfur” offers the full range of punk, hardcore, metal and goth, allowing FInal Gasp to flex their muscle on a track that fires up a sonic tailwhip – complete with speed and precision.

“‘Blood and Sulfur’ is based on the short story ‘The Smell Of Sulfur’, frontman Jake Murphy explains.  “I found it in a really old book that was printed in the early 40s. It was about the Devil antagonizing a businessman by making everyone else around him successful and offering him his hand to give him the same success. The man ends up taking it, but when he does everyone around him dies and he’s the last one left on Earth, in turn making him the only successful person left.” 

Further detailing the stylistic scope of the album, Murphy added, “Every song was  written with nothing but a natural feeling for what felt right. There’re tons of different influences, like Killing Joke and Die Kreuzen, even Echo & The Bunnymen and SSD.  But we’re not really thinking about other bands. We feel like we’ve tapped into something that’s our own.” 

Elaborating on the thematic depth of the project, Murphy shared,“The whole record has to do with loss. The title comes from that anxious feeling you have when you go to bed and you’re thinking about everything all at once. You’re regretting decisions you’ve made—or didn’t make—and you’re up all night thinking about it.” 

The debut LP from Final Gasp in Mourning Moon arrives September 22nd via Relapse Records.

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