Watch the cinematic visual which officially marks the band’s signing with Pale Chord.

Adding to an already career year for the Los Angeles-based duo of Kat Leon and Nick Perez, Holy Wars has been on a tear in 2023. Securing sets and delivering live highlights at major festivals including Welcome to Rockville, Sonic Temple and So What?!, the band made significant strides in reaching the masses with their incendiary live set.

All the while the tandem was plotting their next move, working on what could likely be regarded as their most ambitious release to date. Today, the band begin their next phase announcing their signing to Pale Chord, joining the likes of Spiritbox, Harper and Thousand Below. Finding an ally in their label, the band have also kicked off their campaign with the release of “Deus Ex Machina” – a powerful harbinger of Holy Wars continuously evolving sound.

A fiery meld of Kat’s skilled vocal range combined with Nick’s layered compositions, the current iteration of Holy Wars sources various elements of hard rock and infectious pop to create entries that flout genre divides. More than just style points, Leon’s thought-provoking lyrics add substance to the track – positioning Holy Wars ahead of the pack.

Offering some insight on the release, Kat Leon revealed her headspace in creating the introductory single. “‘Deus Ex Machina’ was inspired by my love of psychology and how fascinating the brain is. The God of the human machine. ‘Deus Ex Machina’ meaning ‘God from the Machine’ really helped shape the message of what I was wanting to say lyrically in this song. How our personal narrative is powerful.”

Leon further elaborates, “We often rewrite our stories as the hero’s tale but we very possibly could be the villain in another’s. Our words are powerful and our story is our legacy. In this song I wanted to display the attack side of the narrative, how any issue I have had with another has stemmed from projection, a choice and the power I allow it to have. The ghost in the machine haunting my thoughts and puppeting my actions – Deus Ex Machina.”

Along with the single and the news of their latest signing to Pale Chord, Holy Wars continue their live campaign with confirmed dates at Furnace Fest, Louder Than Life and Aftershock. Given the current trajectory of the band, expect more from Holy Wars in the very near future.