The crushing track previews the band’s forthcoming sixteenth full length album, ‘Chaos Horrific’.

Set to begin another dominant album campaign next month with the September 22nd arrival of their landmark sixteenth studio album, Cannibal Corpse have unveiled another selection from the project with the menacing, “Summoned For Sacrifice”.

Showcasing the band’s signature brutality both in style and substance, complete with the production prowess of guitarist Erik Rutan, the latest cut from Chaos Horrific further asserts Cannibal Corpse reigning kings of death metal.

Detailing the gruesome gravity of “Summoned For Sacrifice,” depicting a sadistic ritual which includes slow dismemberment, drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz sets the scene, “One person is randomly selected to die. Thirteen people are randomly selected to kill this person by violently removing pieces of his body until he breathes no more.”

Tapping director David Brodsky to bring the visual to life, the project was produced by Allison Woest of My Good Eye: Music Visuals and showcases the full scope of Cannibal Corpse’s savagery.

Aligning with the arrival of Chaos Horrific, Cannibal Corpse will kick off a month-long North American co-headlining tour with extreme metal pillars, Mayhem. The tour begins on September 22nd, coinciding with the release date of Chaos Horrific. The tour concludes October 21st in Louisville, Kentucky. The run is bolstered by the special guests, Gorguts and extreme metal mystics, Blood Incantation. Check the confirmed dates below.

Chaos Horrific arrives September 22nd via Metal Blade Records. Order the album – HERE