The mammoth single offers another glimpse of the band’s forthcoming full length, ‘EndEx’, an album that includes guest features from H09909 and Mick Gordon.

Industrial heavy hitters 3Teeth are barreling toward the release of their highly-anticipated fourth full-length album, titled EndEx, out September 22nd via Century Media Records. The album will be a revelry of dystopia as humanity becomes irreversibly engrossed in technology and will likely be the band’s most expansive and dynamic to date.

As they push forward, the band has revealed yet another new single “Higher Than Death” alongside an animated lyric video. “The only clear view is from atop the mountain of your dead selves,” says frontman and mastermind, Alexis Mincolla.

The warped album features production from sound designer Mick Gordon (best known for his work on the gaming phenomenon DOOM), who produced several of the tracks, along with producer Nick Rowe and mixer Sean Beavan (NIN).

“3TEETH are one of my favorite acts,” says Gordon. “They proudly fly their own unique flag. The new album charts course through the next stage of our vanity-led evolution as a species, and by that I mean the album is a world unto itself. I’m just stoked that these guys have allowed me along for the ride.”

EndEx is due out on September 22nd via Century Media Records. Pre-orders are available HERE.

EndEx Tracklist:

  1. Xenogenesis
  2. Acme Death Machine
  3. Slum Planet
  4. What’s Left
  5. Merchant of the Void
  6. Higher Than Death
  7. ALI3N
  8. Plutonomicon
  9. Paralyze (feat. Ho99o9)
  10. Scorpion
  11. Drift
  12. Everybody Wants To Rule The World