Trivium's Matt Heafy details groundbreaking live streaming event and his black metal side project on Mosh Talks

While many bands are transitioning to bolster their presence online, Trivium have essentially created the template. In fact, the band has been streaming their live performances for three years, well before the era of digital concerts.

During his most recent visit on the Knotfest series Mosh Talks, Matt Heafy discussed the milestone announcement of the band's upcoming event, A Light to A Distant Mirror. Regarded as one of the most ambitious live-streaming concert events of any genre, Heafy offered some details about the scope of the production and the band's desire to make this a truly unique event.

Complete with state of the art visuals, custom stage and lighting design, and original music composed for in between songs specifically for this show by Josh Wilbur, Trivium are fully invested in creating the kind of production that is second to none.

Heafy also confirmed that he had recored vocal tracks for his 11-year-in-the-making black metal project. Working with Ihsahn of the legendary Emperor, there is at least a tentative expectation that the album will see the light of day sometime next year.

Watch the fill interview with Matt Heafy of Trivium here.