Scott Kennedy of Bleed From Within discusses metal lineage, opening for Lamb of God, and how Fracture is the album he has always wanted to make

Ahead of the band's performance supporting Lamb of God's global streaming event on September 18th, Scott Kennedy of Bleed Form Within sat in for a conversation on the Knotfest series Mosh Talks.

Among the talking points, Kennedy discussed how his band's latest record, Fracture, feels like the kind of record the band has always wanted to make. Kennedy went so far as to say that even if he wasn't in the band, this would be the kind of record that he would want to hear.

Touching on influences, Kennedy discussed the lineage starting with Pantera and transitioning to Lamb of God. Kennedy confided that he hopes Bleed From Within could eventually carry the torch of that same heavy heritage.

With regards to the evolution of the band's sound, Kennedy discussed how early on, the priority was about being as brutal as possible. With Fracture, the vocalist explained how it was important to emphasize some clarity in his lyrics. Screaming into a microphone can be tough to decipher, but for Kennedy, lyrics are a big part of Bleed From Within and in finalizing Fracture, that was essential.

A big part of the band's evolution is attributed to a significant stretch of uncertainty prior to Fracture. It's a time that Kennedy is reluctant to discuss, but suffice to say that Bleed From Within was in a place that made it unclear if they were going to continue. Citing the track "Alive" from the album Era as a turning point that reinvigorated the band's charge, the momentum has continued to build since, culminating with the here and now.

Seizing the opportunity to utilize this global platform in opening for Lamb of God on September 18th, Kennedy confides that Bleed From Within have worked on their biggest production to date. Ensuring that the spectacle matches the music, the frontman exuded real excitement in a way that most musicians are far removed from after more than a decade in the game.

Watch the complete interview with Scott Kennedy of Bleed From Within on Mosh Talks below.