Orbit Culture prepare to share their colossal album 'Nija' for the first time live at Pulse of the Maggots Festival

Swedish metal prospects Orbit Culture checked in for a discussion on Mosh Talks ahead of their Pulse of the Maggots performance this week.

Sharing their influences and creative headspace poured into their colossal 2020 album, Nija, the band asserted that they like their metal to maintain a little roughness around the edges.

Citing essentials like Gojira, Metallica, and Meshuggah among their most evident shared influences, Orbit Culture haver the musical wherewithal to appreciate their predecessors without repeating them.

Armed with such a potent record like Nija, it seems almost criminal that the band has yet to perform the album live. That fact seems to add a special emphasis to Friday's streaming performance as it marks the first time the band has been able to give fans a live rendition of what is arguably the band's best work to date.

Confiding that there was a bit of battle in terms of stage endurance given the band's long live layoff, the sweat and exhaustion are good problems to have in that the band now has the chance to do what they love for an audience, albeit a distant one.

Check out the conversation with Orbit Culture via Mosh Talks before watching them crush live this Friday on Pulse of the Maggots Festival.