Isolate and Create - Beartooth's Caleb Shomo Talks Getting A Second Wind In Lockdown

Though nothing was planned, the guys in Beartooth couldn't have timed their touring cycle any better. During his appearance on Mosh Talks, frontman Caleb Shomo talked about how the band's European tour for 2018's The Disease, wrapped about a week before the world went into lockdown.

Admittedly battling an early bout of a creative stall while trying to grasp the world's new reality, Shomo decided that he was going to make his time in quarantine productive. Shomo confided that while plenty of the record had been worked on in the last year during his time on the road, the last few months have breathed new life into him creatively that has fast tracked the process making a new Beartooth record. In fact, Shomo confirmed that a first draft of the next record is now in the label's hands.

As for the direction of the new effort, Shomo used a bit of descriptive help. "If Disease was AC/DC, this record is like Black Sabbath," explains Shomo. "I've really been exploring with the stoner metal side of guitars and guitar tones." Making sure not to mince his words, Shomo would go onto explain that he is aiming to make their fourth record "as sonically devastating as I could get it."

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