Hacktivist hint at new music and a huge guest feature for Pulse of the Maggots

Ahead of the band's appearance for this week's Pulse of the Maggots Festival, J Hurley of UK metalcore outfit Hacktivist detailed what it was like prepping for a virtual concert during the era of the pandemic.

Confided that he popped a few beers and smashed his performance while filming from his bedroom, the unconventional means of production really showcase a sense of ingenuity that is among the silver linings of 2020.

After taking some time away, Hacktivist began mounting their musical charge in 2019 with the release of tracks like "Dogs of War" and "Reprogram," asserting their meaty balance of drop-tuned, hip hop accented metalcore. Sidelined by the pandemic, the band's momentum slowed until the opportunity to participate in the Pulse of the Maggots Festival presented itself.

Picking right back up where they left off, J has teased some surprises for this week's streaming performance including new music and a special guest feature from a marquee name that is sure to turn some heads.

Watch the complete interview with J. Hurley of Hacktivist on Mosh Talks below.