From Punk to Post-Metal, Ambient to Industrial, Killswitch Engage's Jesse Leach Is Active With His Music and Message

The exclusive Knotfest series Mosh Talks continued with a visit from dynamic frontman Jesse Leach of Killswitch Engage. While the conversation included a wide range of topics, Leach confirmed a diverse collection of projects he is working on, including a completed record and EP worth of songs from he and KsE guitarist Adam D's project, Times of Grace. Discussing the shared dynamic of the project, Leach said, "Adam took the reins on, I wanna say half the record is him leading." Leach continued, "You're gonna hear a lot more of Adam's creativity and his voice. He brought a whole different light to it."

The output for Leach doesn't stop there. He detailed his continued work on this punk project The Weapon (which just dropped their full length record), an industrial-dubstep driven project called Dead Trees, and an ambient project called The Way Back Within that Leach describes as, "music you would hear in a massage parlor."

Leach would go on to discuss his recent collaboration with Robb Flynn and Machine Head and the importance of the message in the single, "Stop the Bleeding". Emphasizing the strange reality of how calling for an end to police brutality should be a unifying message and not a divisive one, Leach spoke highly of Flynn and his appreciation to have been able to work with him.

Punctuating the discussion by explaining his inspiration to continue to spread a message of inclusiveness and how his background in punk and hardcore was so formative, Leach proved why people pay attention when he speaks.

Watch the complete interview below.