Expectation, Experimentation, and Adapting To A New Normal - Mark Heylmun of Suicide Silence Does Mosh Talks

There just aren't many artists that handle interviews with the kind of candor that Mark Heylmun does. As the guitarist for Suicide Silence, his presence both on and offstage for the band is integral. His ability to discuss the band with sincerity and honesty makes for a compelling discussion and this segment of Mosh Talks was no exception.

Beez had to touch on the transition from the band's much maligned self-titled record and how that ultimately led to the band's latest effort, Become the Hunter. Heylmun pulled no punches as he detailed the criticism the band endured and how that became a positive for them. Heylmun would also address his brief departure from the band and the speculation that sometimes surrounded it, revealing that a significant family loss was the reason for his discreet exit.

The guys would also get into the specifics of the band's groundbreaking Virtual World Tour set to begin next month. The band will perform geo-fenced dates for specific cities, meaning different sets, unique shows, and something new for fans across 14 countries from the safety of their homes.

Watch the complete interview below ahead of the band's streaming event happening June 20th via KNOTFEST.com - Catch a the complete performance of the band's Live & Mental live release from their 2015 Mental Health America Benefit show.