Deftones Art Director Frank Maddocks Revisits 20 Years of Work With One of Rock's Most Visual Bands

Revisiting his first connection with the band, art director Frank Maddocks discussed his tenure at Warner Bros. Records and how the discussion of Deftones' White Pony record struck a chord with him. Confiding that he was a fan of the band from the jump (Maddocks' said he bought the band's debut Adrenaline that day it dropped), when the opportunity to work with White Pony presented itself, the graphic artist immediately jumped in.

As for the timeless icon that has since become synonymous with the band, the White Pony itself seems to characterize the relationship Maddocks has had with the band since. Just prior to working on the art for the record, Maddocks received that pony got some insight from the band as to what the direction of the visuals needed to be. That collaborative give and take is how the partnership has continued ever since.

Complimenting the music with the visuals and the art in terms complimenting the music, Maddocks is at the helm of an important facet of the band. Meticulous for how something looks n much the same way they are meticulous for creating a specific sound, Deftones are arguably one of the music visually driven bands in rock. With a knack for balancing the stylish with the unexpected, the packaging of every Deftones project is unique, deliberate and polished.

Watch the complete interview with Frank Maddocks on Mosh Talks below.