Courtney LaPlante of Spiritbox discusses Holy Roller and a refined approach to heavy music

Frontwoman Courtney LaPlante of the band Spiritbox sat in for a session on Mosh Talks to discuss their recent single, "Holy Roller." While the video has received praise across the board for it's tip of the cap to the film, Midsommar, LaPlante confided that the idea was a result of necessity. Citing the current pandemic crisis and the inability to go conventional with a video shoot, the "Holy Roller" visual came together using available resources, a DIY approach, and figuring out how to craft something creative despite working distantly.

Discussing the evolution of heavy music and culture, Beez and LaPlante connected on the notion of Spiritbox being a part of a movement that has a refined approach to genre without compromising the heaviness that remains fundamental to the sound. Drawing parallels (and inspiration) from the likes of Deftones and Tool, LaPlante talked about how those artists are who she looks up to and tries to emulate in terms of producing something substantial and enduring. Quality, not quantity.

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