Bringing the Party to Metal: Getting Hypa Hypa with Eskimo Callboy

Fresh off the 4.5 million views of the creatively & uniquely branded "Hypa Hypa" music video, Beez sat down with Kevin Ratajczakn of Eskimo Callboy, this summer's explosive dance metal sensation.

With lockdown holding down the fun, Kevin thought releasing the video now was the perfect time, explaining "That's the point where Eskimo Callboy comes around the corner and brings the party song. It doesn't matter to us where you have a good mood."

"I think we made a pretty good song to get into a better mood."

Beez and Kevin dive behind the scenes on the quickly rising iconic video and how it was the perfect introduction of Nico Sallach as clean vocals (formerly of To the Rats and Wolves) and the new look Eskimo Callboy. Further delving into the spontaneity of Nico's memorable opening turn.

"We wanted to bring the party into the Metal Music," furthers Kevin as he explains the pathing of their own brand in a serious genre.

Beez and Kevin discuss how Germany's affinity to pop and dance (most specifically Scooter) was filtered through their love of metal to give Eskimo Callboy their distinct sound, crafting a truly regional experience that has since gone global.

"We always come back to where we come from: techno, metal, trance sounds, cool synthesizer sounds. This is the sound of Eskimo Callboy. We can do whatever we want over our 5 studio albums but "Hypa Hypa", "Is Anyone Up", "We Are the Mess" - this the Eskimo Callboy sound."

Watch the full interview below