A suggestive gaze into Deftones' 'Diamond Eyes', on the latest Hell Bent For Metal

The latest episode of Hell Bent For Metal takes a good gaze into Deftones' 'Diamond Eyes', and reveals the reason Tom immediately thought it was extremely gay. Matt's very nervous for this one, because he's a huge Deftones fan – and knows full well that Tom very much is not. Tom, meanwhile, is trying very hard not to ruin the song for Matt, knowing Deftones are one of his favourite bands.

And while Matt looks for deep and profound meaning, Tom's findings hidden beneath the surface are rather more base. Because sometimes even the band dubbed the "thinking man's metal band" can apparently drop an unintentional double entendre. (Although there's also some discussion about that very moniker.)

Given that you can't say "sexuality" without also saying that thing Brits generally aren't known for mentioning, it's either surprising or inevitable (depending on how you look at it) that sexual interpretations feature prominently.

The hosts also celebrate the time Icelandic post-metal cowboys Sólstafir helped queer representation in metal with their video for "Love Is The Devil (And I Am In Love)", a song from their 2009 album 'Köld'. The video (which tells a story about domestic abuse, using a gay couple to portray it), was actually a form of LGBT+ representation the hosts feel strongly positively about, despite the negative light in which the same-sex couple are portrayed in.

That's not to say such a representation doesn't come without problems, however, and these are also discussed. That doesn't stop the hosts agreeing that, ultimately, it's still a positive in the advance of queer representation in both metal, and media in general. Obviously, they also explain why – and what forms of representation they don't feel are so helpful any more.

Somehow, this also sees discussions of queer representation in both 'Star Trek: Discovery', and UK rural soap opera 'Emmerdale'. Because why on Earth (or even somewhere no one has gone before) wouldn't it?

Plus there's two new additions for the Hate Crew Gaybar jukebox in the shape of 'Awakened' by searing, varied Russian metallic hardcore band Vorvan, and 'Silver Lake' by Esa Holopainen, the melodic lockdown project from the Amorphis guitarist (with some help from guest singers from Leprous, Katatonia, Soilwork and others).

And while there's full agreement on one of these, the other provokes an even more divided response than either record last week.

There's also just enough time to sigh longingly at the Hellfest line-up, and to discuss something awesome London extreme metallers Voices are doing.

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