The Agonist, Despised Icon, iwrestledabearonce and Nonpoint among new song additions to Rock Band 4

Harmonix, the developer behind the generational-defining Rock Band video game franchise has announced their "Riffing Into the New Year 2023" DLC bundle that feature 10 new playable songs for Rock Band 4.

Available for players to download starting Thursday January 5th, 10 new tracks from the likes of The Agonist, Despised Icon, Nonpoint and iwrestledabearonce will be added to the Rock band Network song library.

Launched in 2010, the Rock Band Network served as a unique platform in gaming that allowed artists, big and small, a space to upload their songs as a means of reaching a broader audience. As a result, over 2000 songs have since been uploaded and released, nurturing independent artists as well as familiar headliners.

However, when Rock Band 4 launched in 2015, the migration of the entirety of the library proved impossible. During the years since, the development team has been working to reissue those uploaded tracks as downloadable content bundles that are playable on the RB4 entry.

The 10-pack bundle of tracks is available as a full package of tracks at $14.99 or as individual tracks for just $1.99 a piece. The arrival is number 1/5 so the assumption is at least four more drops could be expected in the coming weeks.