In Focus: Lamb of God's Randy Blythe offers a candid look at Knotfest Iowa

Among the many talents of Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe, include his ability to craft a unique sense of narrative with his camera. While metal fans the world over are familiar with Blythe's prowess as a songwriter and social advocate, the groove metal OG has become equally articulate with his photography.

With Lamb of God playing an integral part of the historic Knotfest Iowa homecoming headed by Slipknot last month, Blythe, always armed with his camera, managed to capture his vantage point of the monumental day. Curating a concise, focused collection of images that showcases the fans, the bands, and the spectacle of Knotfest Iowa, the images underscore Blythe's ability to capture a moment in time - the ability to tell a short story in a single click.

From images of Turnstile tearing up the stage, to Gojira warming-up backstage, to the dedicated fans that spent hours upon hours on the barricade for the chance to see their favorite band up close - this is Knotfest Iowa through the lens of Randy Blythe.

Franz (Turnstile)