Deftones x Belching Beaver drop their 10th collaboration beer

Among the longest-running partnerships of it's kind, the pairing of Deftones and California craft beer brewer Belching Beaver has been thriving since the two entities came together officially in 2016. First introduction their union with the Phantom Bride IPA, the popularity of the project was such that the collaboration beer went from specialty item to part of the brewery's core, year-round offerings.

When it comes to band collaboration beers, few if any have enjoyed the longevity that Deftones and Belching Beaver have. Spanning the course of some 6 years, the entities have become synonymous with one another all while establishing a template for how a band beer collaboration should roll out - from concept to execution.

Speaking to that longevity, Deftones and Belching Beaver have come full circle with the launch of their 10th joint beer - officially introducing the Phantom Bride Double Dry Hopped Hazy IPA, a tribute to the very first beer the two come together for, bolstered to showcase the continued to commitment to craftsmanship that both teams hold so dear.

“The idea behind the recipe for this beer was to try and resemble Phantom Bride but kick it up a notch on the tropical fruit notes,” said Troy Smith Brewmaster at Belching Beaver. “We double dry-hopped this beer, which means we threw in double the amount of hops on the cold side. It’s also cool pooled to showcase the fruity aromatics of the hops without adding any bitterness.”

Reiterating the band's involvement in the process throughout, Marc Truex Director of Sales at Belching Beaver, explained how the collaboration process works between the two and how they work to continuously evolve the series of beers. "We bounce ideas that we each like back and forth until we come up with something that speaks for both of us. We knew collaborating on a historic tenth beer together that we had to do something special – and taking the original beer that started it all for us and making a super charged double dry hopped Hazy IPA version felt not only befitting, but exciting. We are thrilled to finally unveil our latest release.”

The tenth collaboration beer in the Phantom Bride Double Dry Hopped Hazy IPA will roll out to retailers in select U.S. states via 16-ounce can six-packs and a select amount on draft, beginning on July 29. It will be available at all Belching Beaver Brewery locations. This collaboration is available for a limited time. To learn more about the new beer and Belching Beaver Brewery’s other special release offerings, visit