Watch Run the Jewels' compete RTJ4 performance on the Adult Swim voting special Holy CalamaVote

Ovet the weekend Run The Jewels set the bar with their Holy CalamaVote performance special that aired on Adult Swim.

Hosted by comedian Eric Andre, the sleek, razor-sharp production saw the duo of Killer Mike and El-P perform their commercially and critically-lauded RTJ4 album in full.

To properly complete the task however, Run The Jewels would need to corral the special guests that were featured on the album. In the era of Covid, this becomes especially tough. However, all of the guests that make appearances on the album were including in the performance either live and direct on the sound stage with Run the Jewels or via a seamless video feed that translated just as powerfully.

Among the names contributing to the concert event included Zack De La Rocha, Josh Homme, soul legend Mavis Staples, Greg Nice, and 2Chainz.

Though the event gave the tandem the long-overdue ability to debut their fourth studio album live, the performance doubled as a voter registration event. Punctuating the performance, the team encouraged viewers to vote, vote local "for the people looking after your life." Killer Mike closed emphatically by keeping the instructions simple, "Vote the bastards out of office and keep the good folks in.”

Watch the Adult Swim X Ben & Jerry's Holy CalamaVote event here.