Knotfest streaming concert series continues with Nu-Core innovators Tallah: Stream the live preview of their debut album 'Matriphagy'

On 1st October (3PM PT/6PM ET/11PM BT), the Knotfest streaming concert series will give nu-core fans a chance to hear Tallah's debut album Matriphagy in its entirety: live and raw.

Playing all thirteen tracks of Matriphagy from start to finish in this live set dubbed 'One And The Same', nu-core's nu kids Tallah, with the assistance of a live DJ and an extra guitarist to truly flesh out their brutal sound, hit notable tracks such as “We, The Sad” and “Overconfidence” (premiered on in August), as well as journeying through never-before-heard tracks such as the long anticipated “Murder Seed” and “Too Quick To Grieve”.

Having been unable to unleash the album on the road this year in the high-octane manner Tallah are so renowned for due to the restrictions placed on gigs by the pandemic, the Knotfest streaming concert series has provided Tallah with a perfect way to unshackle themselves from the pandemic prison holding so many musicians (and fans) captive. “This is Tallah getting even closer to our final form. With the pandemic happening, it is unlikely we will get to play live any time soon, so we have all this pent up energy and unfulfilled desire -- artists and fans alike. Let this serve as a temporary cure for the itch,” proclaims frontman Justin Bonitz.

Horror fans should also take note: the show was filmed at Pennsylvania's Willow Glen State Penitentiary, also known as Prison Of The Dead, a suitably macabre setting for Matriphagy's spine-chilling concept (the tale of an overprotective mother meeting a grisly end after pushing her son to the edge of insanity via extreme incarceration and abuse).

Bringing Matriphagy live to the screen is Sunny Singh, acclaimed for his hardcore videos which he uploads under the name hate5six, a project which has been hailed as the “internet's hardcore goldmine”>.

“I'd like to think I have my finger on the pulse of what's fresh, but seeing Tallah live had me questioning if I'm slipping. As you'll see in this set, they came out of the gate hard and didn't relent. It left me wondering where the fuck they came from,” says hate5six. “Tallah convolves 90s nu-metal vibes with the adrenaline rush of a chaotic hardcore band, yielding something that feels relevant rather than dated. Filming this set was actually the first time I heard the band, which was intentional because when a band's live performance inspires me it leads to a more organic and authentic video, one that is driven by heightened senses rather than stale choreography. If this set is also your first time hearing Tallah, sit back and let it consume you.”

There will be a post-show hang with the band hosted by Beez on his channel at where fans can submit questions, hear behind the scenes info and more.

Pre-order Matriphagy, out on October 2nd via