Sid Wilson of Slipknot talks new masks, what sparks his creative energy and the constant pursuit of reinvention

Continuing the Knotfest international interview series, #0 himself Sid Wilson of Slipknot guested with host Sophie K. just ahead of the band's headlining performance at Knotfest Finland in a conversation that explored everything from Sid's personal artistry to his contributions among the masked nine.

Of course the hot topic was Sid's recent reveal of his new mask, a look that had the internet in hysterics given the ominous, almost insect like esthetic. What really turned heads was how Sid's uses his old mask as an accessory that he carries around throughout the set and fixes to his turntables when he is behind the vinyl.

Sid explained that not only was the look ready to go about three years ago and only now being revealed, but he shared that people seemed surprised that his old mask mimics Corey Taylor with it's automated mouth movements, but it always did that. The musician explained that it was in fact, his second animatronic mask - the first being his robotic iteration during the All Hope Is Gone cycle.

Asked about what kind of headspace he is in when it comes to redesigning a new look and a new mask, Sid explained that most of that is contingent on a multitude of factors - how society is moving, how the planets are aligning, even explaining that his mindset has otherworldly influence. He added that he tries to incorporate elements of the futuristic in his masks and present it in a way that is consistent with the Slipknot gold standard.

Sid also shared how this iteration will have an element of evolution throughout the cycle, so the look never gets stale. He also shared how one of his favorite aspects to this mask is how it has different looks that function interchangably during the set, highlighting the intricacy and forethought that goes into the masks of Slipknot.

It should also be noted that the first variation of the mask only gives Sid about a pencil-width of visibility. Sid said that the version he ears for the first few songs of the Slipknot set before making his first change has very limited vision - that becomes a very big deal given the band's stage set up and overall production. Limited sight while climbing steel steps and navigating pyro cannons serves as yet another testament to Slipknot's commitment to their craft.

In fact, Sid revealed that he is currently performing with some pretty significant injuries. He said that he has had to adjust his portion of that stage show to endure with meniscus tears in both of his knees. He added how the change has been tough for given Sid's reputation for being so famously active onstage - the same guy that dove off of speaker stacks and flew off of balconies - even breaking both of his heels as a result of his unhinged approach to the stage.

Further speaking to his fascination with the possibilities of the future, Sid talked about how gadgets and new technology excite him. He talked about how he prioritizes getting his hands on the latest tools - be it computers, beat machines, keyboards, anything that allow him to further explore manipulating sounds, making music, and best refining his art.

Sid spoke about how that anything that allows him to further evolve as an artist is what excites him. Referencing how he doesn't intend to jump off any 30 foot balconies anymore, he explained that the goal is to find new ways of reinventing himself is a big motivating factor in what drives him both personally and professionally. Referencing the legendary David Bowie, Sid shared how he aspires to follow in the same methodology of being able to reinvent himself while still delivering the same standard of energy that people have come to expect.

Stream the complete interview with Sid Wilson of Slipknot and Sophie K. of On Wednesdays We Wear Black below.

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