Sammy Ciaramitaro is thriving at the center of California's hardcore renaissance

As the frontman for Drain and the backbeat of Gulch, Sammy Ciaramitaro is kind of a big deal in the world of contemporary hardcore. Underscored on Sound and Fury weekend, the California-based musician was hit with the realization that not only had Drain gone from early afternoon set on the same festival in 2019, but was now headlining on both days of the festival in his respective bands - Drain and Gulch.

Kind of a big fucking deal.

The energetic, charismatic figure in modern hardcore spoke humbly about the accomplishment on during his recent interview on the Knotfest series Hardlore with hosts Bo Lueders of Harm's Way and Colin Young of God's Hate. Sammy revealed how the band had essential gone from pre-show openers to main stage headlines in a matter of a few years, speaks volumes to what he has been able to accomplish as a musician in both outlets.

Arguably the nicest, most jovial dude in hardcore right now, Sammy spoke glowingly of the strides Drain has been making in recent months, offering his cheery experiences from the band's recent trek to Europe - this first as a band.

Getting into the reality of playing the final show with Gulch, Sammy reflected on the band's wild ride and how the kind of touring differences between Drain and Gulch. Revealing that Drain tours, while Gulch vacations, Sammy and the guys talked about how the band went ham on their Chicago tour stop with plenty of deep dish pizza their mutually favorite spot, Illuminati's.

The guys also spoke about the network of bands that have all resulted from this network of the North California/San Jose hardcore hub. with Drain, Gulch, Sunami and Hand of God all interconnected, firing off with shared members, it's clear that there is a movement happening and California's curse is the world of hardcore's gain.

Check the complete interview via Hardlore with Colin Young, Bo Lueders and special guest Sammy Ciaramitaro below.