Rock culture champion Riki Rachtman revisits the his life in the fast lane and his road ahead on The Sailor Jerry Podcast

Guesting on the latest episode of the long form discussion series in The Sailor Jerry Podcast, rock music pundit Riki Rachtman spent some time with host Matt Caughthran, frontman of LA Punk powerhouse The Bronx in what resulted in a compelling conversation that covered everything from Riki's punk roots, to the salad days of the Sunset Strip, to his next chapter - spoken word.

Instantly finding common ground, the guys got into their shared love for punk legend Darby Crash and raw power of a band like The Germs. Riki would go onto revisit a story of Darby actually skating on Riki's deck and he recalled what it was like to experience the band live.

The reflective spirit of the conversation segued into the next chapter for Rachtman, one that leaves behind the spectacle of rock and has him in the spotlight all on his own. Taking inspirational cues from the iconic Henry Rollins, Rachtman is gearing up for his debut spoken word performance entitled, One Foot In the Gutter. The unfiltered, uncensored retrospective is a candid look at Riki's life in the fast lane - from the heights of the Headbanger's Ball to the insanity of the Cathouse on the Sunset Strip, the performance is all Riki and told from a first-hand vantage point.

Offering a bit of insight to the backstory and what compelled Rachtman to explore such a unique platform, he began revisiting some of the turning points in his life with Caughthran. He shared that his father was a major music manager during the golden era of rock, during the same time that a teenage Riki was auditioning for South Bay punk collective, Angry Samoans.

The guys discussed how Riki's career trajectory skyrocketed and he became one of Hollywood's most in-demand DJs and how that position ultimately led to him forging friendships with guys like Izzy Straddlin of Guns and Roses. Of course no look back with Riki would be complete without revisiting the glorious debauchery of his rock mecca in the Cathouse in Hollywood - an infamous locale for rock music lore that he opened with Taime Down of Faster Pussycat.

The guys got into the popularity of the club, the late nights, the early mornings, the all nighters and some of the stories that have since become legend within the club's four walls - including a story about a fight between Vince Neil of Motley Crue and Axl Rose that is too good to skip. While the club had a policy of no cameras to ensure privacy for the guests, Rachtman readily admits that he wishes thee were photos from those glory days.

Rachtman also spoke candidly about his days at the helm of Headbanger Ball. He shared the initial backlash he got when taking the job, but confided how it was the gig of a lifetime and something that marked a shift in the culture moving forward. Rachtman recalled pivotal moments during his run like being starstruck to interview AC/DC, the friendships he cemented like that with the iconic Lemmy of Motorhead, and how bands like Alice In Chains marked a sea change in the landscape of rock music and Headbanger's Ball was at the center of it all.

Ever the champion for rock music culture, Rachtman also spoke about the current health of heavy music - offering high praise of recent bands he's seen. He gushed over seeing My Chemical Romance with hardocre standouts Turnstile and emerging outfit Soul Glo. Rachtman also hailed the likes of Five Finger Death Punch and Megadeth as veterans in the game that are still operating at such a high level.

The conversation proved an insightful look at one of rock music's most enduring fixtures and offered an auspicious glimpse of what is to come with Rachtman's spoken word debut, One Foot In the Gutter. Stream episode 44 of The Sailor Jerry Podcast with host Matt Caughthran of The Bronx below.

Riki Rachtman's One Foot In the Gutter debuts September 11th in Charlotte, NC. Tickets and information can be found - HERE