Patrick Galante of Ice Nine Kills talks bridging horror with metal, driving 73 hours to play with Metallica, and the Trinity of Terror tour

Patrick Galante, drummer of horrorcore practitioners Ice Nine Kills sat across from journalist Ryan J. Downey on the final date of the 2022 Knotfest North American Tour to discuss all things INK and the band's final leg of their Trinity of Terror tour along with Black Veil Brides and Motionless In White.

Reflecting back on what has been a massive year for the band, Galante revisited the beginning of 2022, back in February when INK got the call to open for Metallica in Las Vegas. Underscoring the commitment of the members and the enduring influence of Metallica, Galante explained how he drive 73 hours from Buffalo with the band's gear in order to the make the show happen. The move paid off as INK would eventually be invited back by Metallica to do more show throughout the year.

The guys also touched on Ice Nine Kills' recent spearheading of Silver Scream Con, the band's own horror convention that took place this summer. Galante explained how Spencer Charnas' involvement with other genre conventions sparked the idea to organize his own. Connecting with various creatives in the space of horror, including the founders of Astronomicon in Twiztid, Charnas was able to organically make the transition from invited guest, to convention producer roping in luminaries from all aspects of the world to participate.

Both Downey and Galante enthused about the idea of bridging the worlds of metal music and horror. They pointed out that during Silver Scream Convention, it was not uncommon to see plenty of hands in the room raised when asked if this was anyone's first horror convention - speaking to the connective quality and universal reach of a band like Ice Nine Kills.

Patrick also spoke about tailoring the band's sets for various tours. He referenced how when INK played with Metallica, the idea was to shine as one of the heavier supporting bands on the bill. When it comes to touring with a band like Slipknot, the idea is to curate the kind of set list that proves they are heavy enough to be included on the bill. Galante explained that the idea is to always be mindful of what will be most effective with the fans.

The conversation wrapped with some insight on the the now third domestic leg of the Trinity of Terror tour along with contemporaries Black Veil Brides and Motionless In White. Galante explained how the creative synergy of each of the bands works well in making such a massive production work so fluidly. Being able to combine each of the band's performative spectacle onto the same bill makes for the ability to triple the effectiveness - making for bigger shows, bigger rooms, and bigger crowds. That seems obvious given the fact that the third leg of one of 2022's hottest tickets is now underway.

Stream the complete interview with Patick Galante of Ice Nine Kills and journalist Ryan J. Downey below. Find tickets and cities on the latest leg of the Trinity of Terror Tour - HERE