Dani Filth details his appreciation of the marriage of extremes

Extreme metal icon Dani Filth was the latest to fill the Hot Seat opposite Sophie K of On Wednesdays We Wear Black for a insightful exchange at Knotfest FInland that covered everything from Cradle of Filth's new record, Existence Is Futile to an unlikely collaboration with pop megastar, Ed Sheeran. More on that later.

Dani went onto explain that the timing of Existence Is Futile happened to work in the band's favor, despite the stall of the pandemic. He detailed how his drummer, who lives in the Czech Republic, had actually just completed the drum tracks just prior to the world shutting down.

Having to finish the project essentially sequestered from the outside world, Dani said that because no one had any time line of when things would fire back up again, he was able to work on the album without any deadlines or outside pressure. The result is a marvelously maniacal showing and arguably one of Cradle of Filth's best studio efforts to date.

When prosed with the question regarding the kind longevity that Cradle of Filth has enjoyed as a band, Dani said that they have adopted the ideology of "mutate and survive". As for how that results in the finished product, the architect of Cradle of Filth said that there is emphasis placed on being uniquely themselves and not compromising their artistic integrity when crafting new material. It's that authenticity that resonates with fans, both old and new, as Cradle finds the balance of leveling up their art, without repeating themselves.

As for the immediate forecast for the band, Dani revealed that the rest of 2022 has the band finalizing the details of a brand new live record, while also fleshing out ideas for a new studio record. The band is set to embark on a trek of Europe with Alcest, a run that includes a grand finale at Indigo at The O2 in London, which marks the band's annual Halloween celebration. All this before leaving to finish out the year in South America.

Dani also shared the status of his collaboration with Ed Sheeran - yes, that Ed Sheeran. The unholy union have been working on a joint project together for quite some time, though scheduling has stalled the progress as of late. With the arrival of Sheeran's baby and his touring schedule, the pop star has some work left to do on the material though Dani says it is most definitely on the way.

Dani elaborated further on what draws him to finding such unlikely collaborators and he shared that he has an appreciation for the marriage of extremes. That clash of cultures and interests seems to make for an interesting chemistry when it comes time to get to work and for Dani, there's magic there.

Closing out the conversation, Dani imparted a bit of wisdom for the new generation of fans that are exploring the creative breadth of Cradle of Filth and joining the community of extreme metal. "Don't be cunts!" Dani asserted before bidding adieu.

Stream the conversation with Sophie K. and Dani Filth of Cradle of Filth below.