Britty Drake of Pity Sex guests on Hardlore to talk MySpace, expulsion, and reuniting at Sound and Fury

Securing a footprint on the grounds at LA's Sound and Fury Festival which featured some of the year's most important performances , the Hardlore series was able to land interviews with a wide range of artists and contemporaries in the space of modern hardcore music.

Among the highlighted performances that took place at Sound and Fury 2022 included the reunion of Michigan-based outfit Pity Sex - a set that looks to be the band's only for the foreseeable future. Guesting for a quick chat prior to their set, guitarist/vocalist Britty Drake joined Bo Lueders and Colin Young to not talk about being a woman in hardcore, but rather, to discuss the more pressing talking points like, MySpace.

Keeping the conversation light, the trio fondly recalled the era of social media when people could rank and prioritize their friends on MySpace - a chat that segued into a interesting time for Drake. She went onto explain how she was expelled from high school and sent to juvenile hall. The young academic and musician explained the fallout was from a incident where she allegedly made some unsavory comments on MySpace aimed towards a teacher involving using hockey skates in a less than conventional way.

The chat touched on the important stuff like Drake's current route to being a clinical psychologist, whether or not her and Colin are that good of friends in real life and what she fancies when she hits the drive through at Taco Bell... all appropriate given the magnitude of Pity Sex's first show in several years.

Check the episode of Hardlore from Sound and Fury with Britty Drake of Pity Sex below.