Architects reflect on the year of 'For Those That Wish To Exist' at the Heavy Music Awards

Among the biggest winners of this year's Heavy Music Awards, UK powerhouse Architects earned their flowers for a year that saw the band release their most ambitious album to date in For Those That Wish To Exist.


Tallying two trophies in arguably the most prestigious categories of the 2022 ceremony, Architects walked with the hardware for both Best Album of the Year for their previously mentioned masterclass and earned Best UK band of the Year. The honor speaks to the important strides the band made on the year, touring in support of the colossal album as well as launching live version of the full length - recorded with a team of world-class, classically trained musicians at the hallowed grounds of Abbey Road.

Speaking with our own Alicia Atout and reflecting on the year of For Those That Wish to Exist, the band's frontman Sam Carter explained that even early on in the recording process for the album, there was an added significance that seemed to play a role in these songs. Carter explained that even from the demo versions of the lead single "Animals" - the band knew they had something special on their hands.

The band also spoke about the kind of history they experienced in working and recording at Abbey Road. Reiterating the legacy and influence of The Beatles, the band also emphasized how incredible it was to collaborate with such a team of skilled musicians - creating new renditions of the songs that underscored the range at the core Architects.

Given the accolades earned on the night, Architects even weighed in on some of the bands they felt were trophy holders for them personally - with each spouting off legendary names like Black Sabbath, Meshuggah and Tool as their personal and professional muse. Given the trajectory of Architects, they seem well on their way to joining such company.

The Heavy Music Awards Highlight Show broadcasts via the Knotfest Youtube Channel on Thursday June 16th at 8pm BST // 3pm EDT.