Alexisonfire detail how their first record in 13 years was recorded in secret

In a recent discussion with Knotfest correspondent Alicia Atout, Alexisonfire frontman George Pettit managed to work through the tail end of his bout with Covid to speak with some folks regarding the band's recent release of their first record in 13 years, Otherness.

Pettit shared the thrill of getting back to performing and sharing the stage with the band - detailing how AoF's first tour back in more than two years was a South American run that included a play at Lollapalooza in Santiago, Chile. After the dead silence of two years with no touring, to get back to the routine with such a massive show was something that Pettit described as "the greatest thing ever".

As for the realization of the band's first record in more than a decade, Pettit explained that despite the bleak reality of the pandemic era, the silver lining was that it brought all the members of the band to South Ontario, Canada. For the collective of AoF, being in the same place at the same time long enough to be creative together has been an impossibility for a very long time given each members' own schedules and because of the pause of the pandemic, the guys sought to not squander the chance to use the time wisely and maybe get into a room to start writing.

The result was unearthing older ideas that had always kind of existed under the surface for the band, all in addition to the new material that began coming together as the band further stewed in their creative stew. Pettit explained that within a month and a half, the band had some 8 or 9 songs in the can, enough to realize that a full album was warranted. Operating with no one the wiser, the band cranked out Otherness organically and sat with it for about a year before the fanfare of a new album ever even began.

The complete interview with George Pettit of Alexisonfire is available to stream below.

Otherness is currently available via Dine Alone Records - HERE

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