Watch the teaser trailer for the Snyder Cut of Justice League ahead of DC's Fandome

While many thought the infamous Snyder cut of the Justice League film would never be released, the hype involved with the film has officially reached its peak years after the initial release.

The backstory of Snyder ultimately leaving the production and turning over the film to Joss Whedon is what makes this saga particularly interesting as the Snyder cut is considered to be significantly different from the product that screened in 2017.

Ahead of this weekend's Comic-Con-esque event specific to the DCEU, Fandome will feature an unbelievable amount of content, with one of the most discussed talking points being, the Snyder Cut.

In fact, DC has created an official Twitter account for the release, @SnyderCut which has only served to add to the hype of the release and the upcoming panel discussion. Snyder has confirmed that a full trailer of the film will be unveiled then but took to his Vero account to showcase an abbreviated cut of the trailer.

Get a first glimpse at the Snyder cut below and tune into the film's panel during the DC FanDome event set for August 22nd at 2:30pm PST.