Watch Slipknot conquer a sold out Wembley Arena in the latest Time Travel behind the scenes mini-doc

The series of Time Travel mini-docs from Slipknot continues the exploratory dive into the archives of one of heavy music's most prolific and powerful contributors.

For the fourth edition in the succession of documentary-style releases, the latest 13-minute cut frames the meteoric rise of masked nine during their world tour following the release of their pivotal fifth full length album, .5: The Gray Chapter.

With a soundtrack that includes essentials from the album including "Killpop" and "AOV", the visual gives fans an intimate, first-hand account of the band's show prep and backstage huddle just prior to the band's march on Wembley.

Amid the abstract imagery interspersed with the candid footage, the clip's most poignant segment features frontman Corey Taylor framing the significance of their stadium show just prior to downbeat. Helming the huddle, Taylor reminded the band of their connection to London, going from Astoria to a sold out Wembley - a massive feat for any band, let alone a metal band in the modern era.

The mini-doc wraps with a look at the same backstage vantage point, skipping ahead in the chronology of the band to the present day. Following the maze of the dressing rooms and production offices, the camera finds a few of the guys warming up before the curtain drops. The final scene again sees Taylor at the head of the pre-show huddle, offering words of encouragement and gathering his brothers in arms to do what they do best - decimate.