Vinyl Me Please and Metal Blade Records launch anthology featuring King Diamond, Amon Amarth, The Black Dahlia Murder, Gwar, Cannibal Corpse and more

Fine purveyor of wax Vinyl Me Please in partnership with Revolver Magazine has unveiled a comprehensive, catalog-spanning eight album limited edition box set that spans the cultural scope of Metal Blade Records.

VMP Anthology: The Story of Metal Blade will feature a curated collection of eight essential albums from the Metal Blade vault that showcase the influence and impact of the label and the artists they helped bring to the forefront of heavy culture.

Among the albums featured in the special box set include

1. Omen - Warning of Danger (1985)
2. Fates Warning - The Spectre Within (1985)
3. Gwar - America Must Be Destroyed (1991)
4. Cannibal Corpse - Butchered At Birth (1991)
5. King Diamond - Voodoo (1998)
6. The Black Dahlia Murder - Miasma (2005)
7. Amon Amarth - Twilight of the Thunder God (2008)
8. Armored Saint - La Raza (2010)

In addition to the cache of curated albums, the set will include deluxe liner notes, a photo booklet that captures a unique snapshot of the label's earnest start in the 80's to their universal reach of the modern era, and an accompanying multi-episode podcast with pioneering founding Brian Slagel and Metal Blade artists, revisiting the significance of each album and the resulting cultural shift.

In the 80's, when Brian Slagel released 'Metal Massacre' - the inaugural Metal Blade compilation that featured a little local band called Metallica - he altered the course of music history as we know it. So, there was a resounding 'hell yes' from the VMP team to partner with Metal Blade to release our first-ever heavy music Anthology," said Courtney Catagnus, Sr Director, Business Development & Partnerships, VMP. "In true Anthology form, we brought in the connoisseurs of the genre to guide us through the history of the label, as told through these eight key albums from Metal Blade, with guidance from legendary magazine, Revolver. We're so proud to bring you this next chapter in our Anthology series and can't wait to dive in together to unpack the rich history and influence of Metal Blade."

VMP Anthology: The Story of Metal Blade is available for pre-order - HERE. Watch the trailer for the box set below.