Pantera and Z2 Comics celebrate Vulgar Display of Power with the official graphic novel

Z2 Comics continue to bridge the world of comic book art and heavy culture with their ongoing catalog of genre-focused releases.

Tipping their hat to the pioneers of Texas groove metal, Z2 has enlisted an all-star team of collaborators from both music and art to converge and pay tribute the classic Pantera album, Vulgar Display of Power.

Recruiting the likes of Alan Robert of Life of Agony, Eric Peterson of Testament, Keith Buckley of Every Time I Die, Burton C. Bell of Fear Factory fame, as well as authors Steve Niles (30 Days of Night and Tony Lee (Beartooth: The Journey Below), each has crafted their own interpretation derived from the classic lyrics of the seminal masterwork.

In addition, Vulgar Display of Power the graphic novel features the work of renowned illustrators Brian Ewing, Ryan J. Downey, Erik Rodriguez, Ryan Kelly, Steve Chanks, Kevin Mellon, John Pearson, and Danijel Zezelj, all of which manage to translate the sound and fury onto the page of one of the best to bands to ever do it.

Cover Art by Paul Booth

Punctuating the comprehensive scope of publication, longtime Pantera friend and world class tattooer/artist Paul Booth delivers the project's cover art, which features the aftermath of the infamous chin check depicted on the 1992 album art - an image that has been etched in the lexicon of heavy music for all eternity.

Booth framed the personal significance the project had for him. "I’m not sure I can even express what a tremendous honor it has been to work on this project for Pantera. The first music tour I ever went out on, Pantera headlined. That was back in ‘94 with Sepultura and Biohazard. To this day, I still compare every tour I’ve been on to that one as it really was the most special for me. This project has been an awesome experience and I greatly thank everyone involved!"

Vulgar Display of Power will be available in both softcover and hardcover formats, and as with everry Z2 release, a deluxe, super deluxe, and platinum edition will be available. The options include an exclusive vinyl variant LP of the classic album, as well as gallery quality prints from Danijel Zezelj, Erik Rodriguez, and Alan Robert, plus signed editions from Pantera's own Philip Anselmo and Rex Brown,

There will also be a limited and numbered edition that will feature a one-time release of a special Pantera “punch action” resin statue, further immortalizing the album’s iconic cover.

Z2 Comics and Pantera's Vulgar Display of Power graphic novel is now available for pre-order - HERE

Artwork by Eric Rodriguez
Artwork by Brian Ewing
Artwork by Danijel Zezel