Metallica mark the 35th anniversary of 'Master of Puppets' by performing "Battery" on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

March 3rd, 2021 marked the 35th anniversary one of of heavy music's most important contributions in the release of Metallica's 'Master of Puppets'.

The accolades of the album remain unrivaled and it's influence continues to permeate throughout multiple generations of fans and musicians that have followed since. To say that it's a big deal, is a huge understatement.

Coinciding with the milestone, Metallica took to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert as the special musical guest and pulled off an amazing tribute to the album with a fan-friendly spectacle in a blistering performance of the album's opening anthem, "Battery".

Flexing their tenure as the enduring pillars of the genre, the band even broke out their classic Damage, Inc Tour stage backdrop, adding some visual flair to a powerhouse performance that served as a reminder that Metallica remains - untouchable.

After the performance Lars Ulrich took to his instagram account to recap the significance of the evening and thank show host Stephen Colbert for the invitation.